OPTP Chicken Pakora Burger

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Ramadan brings with itself some seasonal treats. The most favorite treat is: pakoray. They are hot, spicy and crispy; although they are fried, we all love the calories 🤤

What amazed me was the fusion burger launched by OPTP. A burger with a very Desi twist and very apt for the month of Ramadan! The Chicken Pakora Burger, is an iftari essential. A soft fluffy bun, sprinkled with ample sesame seeds, layered with mayonnaise, veggies, a very special green chutney (that’s one of the key elements and it tastes amazing) a crispy/ spicy chicken patty and pakoray 🤩 Now if reading all this isn’t making you drool I don’t know what else will. 

My verdict: Firstly points for creativity, this combination is very diverse and the first entry of pakoray in the world of fast food! Taste wise I had reservations, but the burger has a distinctive yet desi edge to it. Lastly let’s come to the price for RS 100 this is a treat, you just can’t miss! 

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