Mini Chicken and Vegetable Cheese Cake Recipe

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Saltish biscuits     1 cup 

Melted butter        1/4 cup

Curd cheese         1 cup

Olpers cream       1/2 cup

Lemon juice         1 tbsp

Cream cheese      4 Tbsp

Onion chopped   2 tsp

Garlic powder     2 Tbsp

Boiled shredded chicken 1 cup

Salt                       1/2 tsp

Black pepper      1/2 tsp

Cucumber cubes  1/2 cup

Corriander leaves chopped  2 tsp

Grated carrot ( optional ) 2 tbsp

Gelatin     1 tbsp soaked in 1/4 cup warm water.

First mix melted butter in grinded biscuits and put this in spring pan on small one bite cheese cake pan. And keep pan in freezer for 10 mins. 

Meanwhile mix rest of the ingredients. Mix dissolved gelatin in it. Take out pan from freezer. Pour this mixture over biscuit layer and put it back in freezer for 1-2 hrs or in fridge for 3-4 hrs till it is set. Then take it out and serve cold.