Chicken in Apricot Sauce

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2 cups of Chicken Breasts in bite size pieces
1/4 cup melted Butter
1 1/4 olive oil
Paprika for color
1 cup canned Apricots
1 cup Heavy cream
1/4 cup Honey
1/2 tsp. salt


To prepare the Apricot Sauce.
Drain Apricots and blend with honey and cream and salt on high.
Then, pour into a pot and slowly simmer until thickened.
To prepare the Chicken:
In a pan, melt butter and mix oil.
Sprinkle chicken pieces with paprika; place them in a pan with melted butter and oil mix.
Sauté pieces of chicken in oil until tender.
Place them in a Casserole dish and top with Apricot Cream Sauce.
Heat until warm and serve.

Chicken Roll

Ingredients: Boiled chicken 250 gm Potatoes 3 Ginger garlic paste