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Chia & almond overnight oats

chia almond overnight oats with raspberries and blueberries 1 440 400


200g porridge oats
50g chia seeds
600ml unsweetened almond milk, plus 8 tbsp
2 tsp vanilla extract
125g punnet raspberries
100g almond yogurt
250g punnet blueberries
20g flaked almonds, toasted
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Tip the oats and seeds into a bowl and pour over the milk and vanilla extract. Leave for 5-10 mins for the oats to absorb some of the liquid. Reserve 16 raspberries, then add the remainder to the oats and crush them into the mixture. Spoon into four tumblers or sundae dishes, then top with the yogurt and both lots of berries. Cover and chill overnight or until needed. To serve, pour 2 tbsp almond milk over each and scatter with the almonds.

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