Achari Chicken Tikka

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Chicken 1 kg
Tandoori color 1 pinch
Lemon juice 2 tbsp
Khatai 1 tsp
Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp
Raw papaya 1 tbsp
Raw onion 2 tbsp
Salt 1 tsp
Red chili powder 1 tsp
Oil 1/4 cup
For Achari Masala:
Fennel 1-1/2 tsp
Mustard 1 tsp
Cumin 1 tsp
Onion seeds 1/2 tsp
Fenugreek seeds 1 pinch


Mark cut on chicken, put all ingredients and keep in refrigerator for 2 hours.
Now bake in preheated oven on 180 degrees C for 40 minutes.
Serve with chutney.

Chicken Roll

Ingredients: Boiled chicken 250 gm Potatoes 3 Ginger garlic paste