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Eggless Marble Cake Recipe in Urdu

Eggless Marble Cake Recipe in Urdu




    1. To begin making the Eggless Marble Cake, prep all the ingredient and keep them ready.
    2. In a mixing bowl, add the flax seed powder and 9 tablespoons water and stir well to combine. Allow this mixture to rest for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes you will notice that the mixture has become slimy like an egg. This mixer is called the flax meal egg replacer or the flax egg.
    3. In a mixing bowl, cream the butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Add milk and mix well until creamy.
    4. Add the flour, baking powder, vanilla essence and flax egg to the sugar butter mix. Mix gently such that everything blends well.
    5. Now divide the cake dough to 2 parts. Add the cocoa powder to one portion of the cake batter and make a smooth chocolate mix.
    6. Now both vanilla and chocolate cake batter is ready.
    7. Preheat the oven at 170 C for 10 minutes. Line the baking tray with butter paper and grease with oil and keep aside.
    8. Pour all of the white batter into the prepared pan. Top with the chocolate batter in circles as shown below. Then with a fork/knife make marble like patterns gently combining both the eggless chocolate marble cake batter to give it a marble like finish.
    9. Place the eggless chocolate marble cake into the preheated oven (170 C) for 40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
    10. Set eggless chocolate marble cake aside to cool down completely on a wire rack and then cut into slices.
    11. Serve Eggless Marble Cake during your tea part along with Carrot and Peas Sandwich and Masala Tea. You can also pack it in your kids snack box for a sweet delight.
    Dahi Baray Recipe by Uzma Sehar
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    225 grams All Purpose Flour (Maida)
    3 tablespoons Flax seed powder (flax meal)
    1-1/2 teaspoons Baking powder
    225 grams Butter
    200 grams Caster Sugar
    1/2 cup Milk
    1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
    3 tablespoons Cocoa Powder
    Dahi Baray Recipe by Uzma Sehar

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