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Dahi Phulkiyan Recipe in Urdu

Dahi Phulkiyan Recipe in Urdu





    About Recipe:

    Dahi Phulkiyan Recipe is a very famous dish relate to Pakistani Food, Dahi Phulkiyan almost served at every restaurant and we can easily make it at home as well, Especially Dahi Phulkiyan is a very instant and popular recipe you can make it for lunch, breakfast or for dinner as well.

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    Recipe Cooking Method:

    • First strain yoghurt through a muslin cloth so it gets blended
    • Make yoghurt sauce grinding all the three ingredients
    • Add this green sauce in yoghurt and mix well
    • Add some water to liquefy yoghurt to some extent (as phulkiyan absorb lot of water to get soft)
    • Add salt in yoghurt to taste. Mix well and keep aside
    • Now make a fine paste with all ingredients of dahi phulki
    • Heat oil on medium flame
    • Using hand pour small phulkian in oil (they will get little bit large)
    • Fry them till golden brown
    • Take out phulkiyan on kitchen paper and let cool for a while
    • Add these all prepared phulikyan in youghurt and mix well so that each phulki absorbs some yoghurt water and becomes soft
    • Now take 3 tsp oil. Heat it little. Fry whole red chillies and cumin seeds in it and quickly add in yoghurt
    • Stir all the phulkiyan well
    • Garnish with some coriander leaves
    • Serve hot or cold, but it is more tempting while hot 

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    1 cup Gram flour or moong lentil flour 1 cup
    ½ tsp Soda by carbonate
    ½ cup water
    Salt as required
    Red crushed chilli
    1 onion chopped
    2 green chillies
    ½ tsp cumin seeds
    1 pinch garam masala powder
    1 pinch chat masala powder
    10 Whole red chilli
    ½ tsp Cumin seeds
    3 cups yoghurt
    ½ bunch of coriander leaves
    ½ bunch of mint leaves
    2 green chillie
    Oil for frying

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