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Chicken Steak Recipe in Urdu

Chicken Steak Recipe in Urdu






    • Hammer the chicken.
    • In a bowl, add chicken, olive oil 2 tbsp, salt, ROSSMORE white pepper powder (1/2 tsp), ginger paste (1 tsp),
    • ROSSMORE Mustard paste (1/2 tsp), ROSSMORE paprika powder (1/2 tsp), ROSSMORE parsley and mix it well.
    • Now grill the marinated chicken.
    • In a pan, butter (1 tbsp), onion (5g), milk, salt, black pepper powder (1 tsp), Parmesan Cheese, cream 100g and cook until thickened.
    • In other pan, add butter, boiled vegetable, salt, white pepper powder (1/2 tsp) and cook for a while.
    • Now, add cream, butter and mix it well.
    • Your tasty chicken steak now ready to serve.
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    300g Chicken boneless
    as per taste Salt
    ½ tbsp White pepper powder ROSSMORE
    1 tsp ginger paste
    ½ tsp mustard paste Rossmore
    ½ tsp paprika powder Rossmore
    20 g parsley Rossmore
    3 tbsp butter
    10 g onion
    150 Liter Milk
    1 tsp black pepper powder
    1 tbsp Parmesan Cheese
    150g cream
    10g peas
    10g cabbage
    10g carrot
    10g potato
    10g green beans

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