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Afghani Chicken Pulao Recipe in Urdu

Afghani Chicken Pulao Recipe in Urdu





    Cooking Directions

    1. Take a pan and fry the onions till they turn golden brown.
    2. In blender blend together the fried onions, tomato, ginger garlic paste and black pepper until a paste is formed.
    3. Marinate the chicken with salt and lemon juice.
    4. Deep fry it. Until it turns golden brown.
    5. In another pan heat some oil and add the tomato paste fried chicken and salt into it.
    6. Cook until the oil forms a separate layer on top.
    7. Now boil 4 cups of rice in a big pan and with green chilies ,black pepper, black cumin and salt.
    8. Strain the rice after it is almost done.
    9. Heat oil in the same pan.
    10. Evenly layer the cooked rice and chicken to form at least 2 sets of layers.
    11. Lastly top the rice with the tomato mixture and squeeze some lemon juice on top.
    12. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes.
    Dahi Baray Recipe by Uzma Sehar
    • 1 hours
    • Serves 4
    • Medium

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    Adjust Servings:
    1 ½ - 2 kg Whole chicken
    ½ kg Tomato (chopped)
    4 ( Onion chopped)
    1 tsp Whole black pepper
    1 tbsp Ginger garlic paste
    4 Lemon
    to taste Salt
    1 cup Oil
    For Rice:
    4 Green chili
    4 cups Rice
    4 Whole black pepper
    1 tsp Black cumin
    as required Salt
    Dahi Baray Recipe by Uzma Sehar

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