Pastry cream

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Ingredients : 

Sugar 50gm
Egg 1
Egg yolk 2
Salt pinch 
Milk 300ml
Vanilla essences 1 / 2 tsp 
Corn flour 2 tbsp 
Method : 
In a bowl add all ingredients excel milk and whisk it until all the are incoprate.
In a souce pan bring milk to boil pour the boil to milk in egg mixture and whisk it.
Cook in over low heat for 5 to 6 min until thickened.
Let cool n served it.
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Beetroot dip

Ingredients :  Boiled beetroot 1 large  Funnel seeds 2 tsp 

mashed potato balls 5

Chicken poppers

Ingridients:Chicken boneless 500gm  Whole spice powder 1/2 tsp  Crush red


Butter bread

Ingredients :  Flour 2 cups  Sugar 1  tbsp  Salt pinch 

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Carmel mudslide

Ingredients: 4 scoop vanilla icecream  Carmel 3 tbsp  Coffee liquor

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Pineapple dip

Ingredients :  Pineapple 2 cups  Curd yogurt  1tbsp  Sugar 3

saltedcaramelsauce 13

Carmel souce

Ingredients :  Sugar 200gm  Tape water 4 tbsp  Glucose 200gm 

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Tomato dip

Ingredients :  Dice tomatoes 1 cup  Chopped onion 1 /