OPTP Introduces its Chocolate Fries – A Unique Combo

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The city of Karachi is loaded with a bunch of cafes and restaurants which are offering mouth watering delicacies and all food menu items to the people in the metropolis.  One Potato Two Potato (OPTP) is one of the best places for eating out with branches all over Pakistan.

Optp never fails to impress us. Whether it is Masala Fries, Garlic Mayo Fries or Plain Fries. Always on our expectations. Food evolves with time and travel, as new cuisines are introduced in new regions, the tastes are either accepted as they are or infused in the local delicacies. Either ways, it is beneficial for the foodies. But this time they decided to boost our expectations in a very disparate way. The Potato and a Nutella combo.

Yes, the Chocolate Fries it is. Isn’t it something unusual yet excited?

OPTP Chocolate Fries

They have announced their Choco Potato combo on 6th February, 2018.

As we can see the customer’s excitement on this bizarre combination is going crazy as yet.

Customer's Reviews

Customer's Reviews

Recommendations for atleast give it a try because different is good !!

Hope you’ll love it as we are loving this unique combination from OPTP.


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