National’s Yummiest prawn biryani recipe

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Rice : 1/2kg


Oil :1/4 cup

Onion thinly sliced: 2

Chopped tomatoes :2/3

Ginger garlic paste :1heap tbsp


Whole gram masala: as per needed

National biryani masala:1packet

Green chilles :4/5

Coriender and mint:hand full leaves chopped

Food colour: just a pinch 

Kewra water :1 /2tbsp


Boil rice with salt and whole gram masala untill  Al -Dante (aik kanni).

Strain rice and set aside. 

Heat oil and brown onions in it save half on kitchen roll. 

Add ginger garlic paste and prawns untill raw smell gone  .

Take prawns out mix National  biryani  masala in youghurt and add the mixture in oil. 

Add tomatoes in it and cook untill dry when dries up add prawn green chilles , coriender and mint and remove from heat. 

In a large vessel pour little mixture of prawn in base so rice won’t stick in base add  half quantity of rice then layerd up the prawn mixture again top it up with rice .

Spread the brown onion on top.

Add yellow food colour dissolve in kewra water and let it on dum for 10min. 

Serve 🔥 hot with salad and raita .









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