National’s Spicy Chicken Pulao Recipe

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Chicken.       1kg

Curd.             250gm

Onion slice.    3 medium size 

Ginger garlic paste.  3 Tb/sp

Whole black pepper.     25pcs

Cirimon.           3 stick

Black cardimum.  2 pcs 

Meganut powder.     1/2 tsp

Salt.                  4 tb/sp

Kiwra.              1 t/sp

National gram masla    1/ 2 t/ sp

Chicken powder.         1 tsp

National Vinger.        Few drops 

Oil.           200gm

Sqaure cloth pcs:

Fennel.          1 tb/sp

Whole garlic.   1 pcs 

Whole  cariander.    1 tb/sp

Cumin seed 1 t/sp

Green chili.         6 pcs 


Take a pot add oil when warm pour slice onion it become light pink then add ginger garlic paste cook well then add whole gram masla ,chicken powder ,cumin seeds,few drop kiwra,curd,salt ,and meganut powder,take a square cloth put into cumin seed whole garlic,whole coriander and fennel  then tie and pour into the mixture cook for 5 mint when boil came add into chicken cook for 15 mint covered with become welldone take out the cloth piece and squeeze.put 4 glass water into the pot when boil came add rice and green chili when whole water dry then sprinkle national gram masla ,meganut powder and kiwra and put the led cook for 15 mint on slow flame after 15 mint check ur pulao .

And serve with national tomato kechupe and raita.

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