Special kheer Recipe

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Special kheer.


Milk 1 kg

Boil rice 1 cup

1 cup sugar

1 can condensed milk (359 g)

Illajee powder 1/2 tsp

Handful almonds and pistachios chopped

Zaffran 1/4 tsp

Sabon dana( arrarot)1/2 cup soak in water

2 tbsp Italia olive oil 

Whippy whipp cream 1 packet


In milk add 1 cup boil rice blend with beater so that no lump remain in milk mixture. Then add sugar, condensed milk,Italia olive oil, illajee powder,zafran ,handful almonds n pistachios n cook on flame till sugar dissolve add half packet cream n mix well with hand beater. Add sabon dana ( arrorot) n cook till sabon dana cook. Continusely hands chalatay jain jub garri ho jay tub half remaining packet cream dal kar hand beater say mix karain.or five minutes baad flame off kar dain . kheer tayar hay . bowl may nikal kar almonds and pistachios dal dain.

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