National’s Dum Ki Raan recipe in Urdu

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Lamb leg 1-1 1/2 kg

French beans(cut into halves) 100 gms

Carrot(cut into 2″ long pieces) 50 gms

Cauliflower(cut into florets) 1 medium size

Baby onions(peeled) 12

Potatoes(cut into fingers) 3

Onions(cut into thin slices) 3 medium size

National Soya sauce 1 tbsp

Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp

Tomato sauce 2 tbsp

Vinegar 2-3 tbsp

National Black pepper powder 1 tsp

National Red chilli powder 1/2 tsp

Ajinomoto 1/4 tsp

Oil for frying the lamb leg

National Salt to taste

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Cooking Directions

To marinate the leg:


Clean and make slits on the surface of the leg piece.


Marinate with National ginger-garlic paste and National salt for 3 to 4 hours.


In an open pan, heat oil and fry the leg on both sides. Remove and keep aside.


Boil beans, carrots and cauliflower in water adding a little salt.


Drain the water and mix all the sauces, National chilli powder, National turmeric powder, salt, ajinomoto and pepper with the crumbled fried onions.


In a pressure cooker put the leg to be roasted with all the sauces mixed masala.


Add 2 to 3 cups of water and pressure cook till the meat becomes tender.


Open the lid and cook till the gravy thickens.


Take out the leg piece, put it in a flat dish.


Mix the boiled vegetables in the remaining gravy and spread it on the leg roast along with potato fingers.


Serve hot with rice.

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