National’s Black tea and prawn broth recipe in Urdu

Black tea and prawn broth
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Tea -100 GMs

Water -200 ml

Oyster sauce-20 ml

Maggi seasoning-5 ml

Carrot julienne-10 GMs

Prawn -4 no’s

Spring onion- 5 GMs

Garlic chopped – 5 GMs

Ginger chopped – 5 GMs

National Red Chilli paste- 10 GMs

National Salt to taste.



-Boil the water, add tea leaves, chopped ginger and garlic in it and stain it through a fine strainer.

-Cook the prawns in the stained tea water and keep a side.

⁃ Add seasoning to the tea water .

⁃ Place the vegetables and the prawns in a serving bowl.

⁃ Pour the hot mixture on top of the prepared bowl and serve hot.