Mughal Restaurant

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Ambiance and Location

Located at Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Mughal Restaurant is an upscale restaurant of Karachi. It offers a modern take on traditional Desi food. Mughal is a new place that has opened in Karachi as we all know this is the first time ever that a Fine dining restaurant has been launched in this beautiful premises of Gulshan-e-Iqbal. It’s designed as an ode to the High Interior offering Mughlai taste that was, or in my case, the taste that I hear about from my parents and elders.

Taste and Review

I was invited by a friend for Dinner, and been a trendsetter in Saudia Arabia since 20+ years in terms of bringing Pakistani cuisines and fine dining together I thought of writing about the experience here. Instead of going for individual orders, we decided to order a mix of everything to sample the menu.

Starting from Karahi which is still oozing my taste buds while writing this review. As I am a huge fan of Barbeque how can I forget those buttery Roasted chicken on that sizzler with a perfectly golden piece of chicken to die for. But as you say If in Rome do as roman do and how can one forget that mouth-watering Biryani to satisfy a “Karachi Wala”. But with that Mughlai touch in Biryani, it seems like every grain of rice speaks to me to eat it !! Aaah so soothing and satisfying.


Mughal Restaurant is poised to be a fine new addition to Karachi’s eateries. What I enjoyed was that there is a cohesive theme to the restaurant, and it shows in the ambiance, the décor, the menu, and the staff. The theme is soothing to eyes, but with a modern take, and it is a breath of fresh air in the dining scene in Karachi.