Mother’s Day Special

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My treat to my mom 😃

I personally think Mother’s Day isn’t just one day, it’s every single day. Our mom’s do so much for us that it just can’t be put into words, in a paragraph or even in a novel. The love of a mother is unmeasurable, undescribable and unparalleled.

So today I decided to go in the kitchen and make fruit trifle for my mommy She was delighted to see it and she said that it tasted perfect 😋 This bowl of trifle isn’t enough, nothing is this world is enough to say thank you to my mom ❣️ 

Here’s a prayer for all the moms : may the love in your heart be endless, may the warmth in your smile ever increase, may your health always be strong, may your life be happy and long and may your children always give you joy and support. Ameen.


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