Mexican Cherry Cookies | Food Diaries | Masala TV Show | Zarnak Sidhwa

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Try these unique mexican cherry cookies recipe by our chef Zarnak and share it with your friends and family.

Watch this Masala TV video to learn how to make Mexican Cherry Cookies and Steamed bread pudding. This show of Food Diaries with Chef Zarnak Sidhwa aired on 16 October 2019.

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Mexican Cherry Cookies:
Butter 1 cup
Caster sugar 1 cup
Egg 1
Maraschino cherry juice ¼ cup
Almond essence ¼ tsp
Flour 3-3/4 cups
Baking powder 1-1/2 tsp
Salt ¼ tsp
Cranberries (chopped) 1 cup
Maraschino cherries (chopped) ¼ cup
Icing sugar ¼ cup
Beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add in egg, cherry juice and essence. Whisk in flour, baking powder and salt, gradually beat into butter mixture. Stir in cranberries and cherries. Divide dough in half; shape each into a disk. On a lightly floured surface, roll each portion of dough to 1/4-in. thickness. Cut with a floured cookie cutter. Place 1 in. apart on ungreased baking sheets. Bake at 180 degrees C for 7-9 minutes or until edges begin to brown. Remove from oven and immediately dust with icing sugar. Remove from pans to wire racks to cool.

Steamed bread pudding :
Bread slices 10
Vanilla custard 2 cups
Walnuts 4 tbsp
Chopped strawberries ½ cup
Milk 600 ml
Cream 100 ml
Vanilla essence 1 tsp
Caster sugar 50 gm
Flour 2 tbsp

To make the vanilla custard mix the milk, cream, flour and vanilla. Make sure the corn flour has dissolved completely. Bring the mixture to a boil while stirring continuously. Turn the heat to low. Add caster sugar to the custard. Keep whisking. Once the mixture has thickened, transfer the Custard to a bowl and let chill with a piece of cling directly on the surface so no milk film forms. If using in the bread pudding immediately, then pour the custard over the bread slices which are put in a greased glass dish and then layer it with another slice of bread. Sprinkle walnuts and fruits and place the third layer of bread and finally pour all the custard on the top.
Place the bread pudding it in a steamer and steam it for about 10-12 minutes until a knife inserted in the centre comes out clean. Remove the bread pudding carefully from the steamer. Serve the Steamed Bread Pudding just as it is, or with some more vanilla custard.


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