Make this Ramadan more flavorful with Shangrila Ketchup & Sauces

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Ramadan is right around the corner and most of us have already started buying groceries and the essentials for sehr and iftar. Be it, Elders or youngsters, none of us can resist the wide range of satisfying delicacies in Ramadan. We sometimes go overboard with eating and stuffing our mouths with the food that we love.

Shangrila has a wide range of Ketchup and sauces which you could pair up with any food this Ramadan.

These extremely flavorful sauces will stimulate your senses to an extreme level of Hunger and make your bland food tempting.

Each sauce has its unique blend of ingredients and enhanced flavors that when paired up with any snack or meal would elevate the taste buds!

Be it sehr or iftar; these ketchup and sauces are must haves on our dining tables

You can enjoy Sehr with Shangrila BBQ sauce with your choice of paratha or Roti paired with Kebabs, as it will add a hint of Smokey taste to your palate.

The green chilli sauce with samosas and pakoras is a great combo that will add a zesty and a tangy flavor.

Whereas the imli ginger sauce and chaat combo (Whether Chana chaat or Dahibhalachaat) would go hand in hand at iftar.

Rolls and Cutlets with delicious Shangrila Tomato Ketchup made with freshly picked tomatoes and yummy chilli garlic sauce would add a rich and a spicy flavor to your roasted or fried items which will make your iftar more exciting.

So how about you leave your phone, Rush to the store & grab yourself the Shangrila ketchup and sauces range for Ramadan, as each of them brings its own set of uniqueness to the meal!


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