kissan cooking
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So once again kisan came up with a beautiful concept of showing the perfect relation of kisancooking oil in our lives.

The TVC Starring the gorgeous Sajal Aly with the charm of Adnan Malik

As the TVC begins with Sajal Aly as wife calling his husband while placing the vegetables in the kitchen when Adnan Malik the husband picks the phone and trust me am sure this happens with every husband in the world when during work her wife’s calls and says; Suno busy to nahe ho, and husband says; Bht busy ho, after which Sajal gives expression like she knows him very well, she ignores and says: khane mai kia bnao aj tmareliya… and every woman knows that her husband will never give the right answer on the right time and that’s exactly what they have shown you, her husband replies: Kuch Bhiafter which wife says: Kuch Bhi, ye kuchbhuikiahota hai, and soon the husband ignores the call and says: boss agaihainmai bad mai call krta ho, when husband don’t tell you what to cook all they want is surprise!! but the most beautiful thing about this Tvc is the ending when husband arrives in a starving mood and the audience must have the same old idea that the wife must have cooked something in veggies but wait a sec this one has the perfect ending. when wife serves the food and the husband opens the dish pot in full of excitement and guess all he get the a cabbage in it, after which the wife Sajal Aly in an innocence manner says: tmnay hi to kahathakuch bhi, trust me this wasn’t I was expecting what a funny come back by her but don’t worry the husband got all the dishes after that when wife saysarayruko or bhebhtkch hai, then she serves all the delicious dishes which she cooked with kisan cooking oil.


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