Kalakand Recipe

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Butter unsalted : half pound (add a little bit more in the end if u want it )
Ricotta Cheese = 32oz
Dry whole milk = 3 cups measuring size 8oz each
Sugar(grind) = 1 or 1 & half cup as ur choice of sweetness
Ilaichi =5 to 6 chopped
METHOD: First in a big pan put unsalted butter in medium flame when its competly melted ‘add ilachi then add a ricotta cheese a little by little when cheese is also melted add dry whole milk slowly when they gathered together add the sugar in the end & cook until it fully mixed up & will get thick .. after then u can dish out n garnish with nuts if u want to 👍👍
Delicious home made kalakand is ready to serve
Note:(Move the spoon continues to prevent from burning)

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