The Best Duo for Chai is Tea-Time

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You have often heard the phrase “Name a better duo than Chai and biscuits,” and this article is all about it. Well we will not exactly change the duo but will make it more specific so that you can have best biscuits with Chai. The duo is ‘Chai with Tea Time’. Yes! these biscuits can make your tea-time much better!

Tea-time are biscuits made with Milk and Egg and have the sour pinch of lemon to enhance its taste. You probably have seen its ad “Dubki Tea-Time Ki” which surely depicts that this duo can be enjoyed almost everywhere.

Watch the ad here

Cookania is the brand by Volka Foods, and it is famous for the production of some finest cookies in Pakistan. These cookies are available in Ticky Pack, Mini Snack Pack, Snack Pack and Family Pack.

They are light and delicious in taste and when dipped in Chai their mouth-watering taste gets double. These cookies are a must try for you all!


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