Haier Washing Machine Promotional Offer

Haier Washing Machine Promotional Offer
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Haier brings to you the best promotional offer as promised. Haier, in collaboration with Ariel, is giving away 2 months of free Ariel Machine Expert detergent with the purchase of the HWM 85-826 top load washing machine and all Front Load washing machines, in an effort to provide its customers with nothing but the best.

With a sleek and stylish design and efficient washing, Haier washing machines are your solution to a hassle free washing experience. The HWM 85-826 washing machine now comes with an Ariel Wash Cycle Button which caters to your washing needs at the push of a single button.

The front load models also come with some distinct features. The UV light technology in these machines work to destroy the bacteria by affecting their DNA and limiting their activity. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the electricity shortage in the country as the auto restart feature ensures that the machine starts working as soon as the power is back.

Haier has recently upgraded its technology and added pillow drums to its entire washing machine range. This pillow drum feature ensures that all your delicate clothing is taken care of and is washed thoroughly without being damaged. All the FA washing machines of Haier comes with 10 years warranty, making sure that our customers don’t have to go through any hassles while doing their laundry.

So what are you waiting for? Buy now and benefit from this limited time offer.


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