Frosty Banana Sponge Recipe

Frosty Banana Sponge
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  • Cooked sponge cake 1
  • Filling:
  • Cream 150 g
  • Bananas 3 – 4
  • Glazed cherries 9
  • Lemon 1
  • Frosting:
  • Granulated sugar 350 g
  • Egg whites, beaten 2
  • Water 150 ml
  • Cream of Olpers 1 pinch
  • Cooking Directions



      Remove 2 inches of centre of sponge cake in one piece, leaving bottom and outer lining intact.

    2. Dip banana in lemon juice to avoid discolouring and sweeten to taste.

    3. Mash the bananas and fill the sponge with banana and whipped cream, save a few slices for decoration.

    4. Replace sponge cake centre after filling.



      To make the frosting, put sugar and water into a saucepan.

    6. Stir till sugar is dissolved.

    7. Boil rapidly until mixture forms a thick ball or reaches 115º C.

    8. Add cream of tartar and beat until it starts to thicken.

    9. Pour over stiffly beaten egg whites.

    10. Mix and spread over sponge, decorate with glazed cherries and slices of bananas.

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