Facts we didn’t know about these Go-To Ingredients

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Who doesn’t love a good mood-boosting food? Or a pantry staple that not only enhances your favorite dish’s flavor but also pulls overtime as a natural stain remover? Ahead, we’re serving up fun, shareable, and little-known facts about four sweet and salty ingredients found in your go-to snacks. Why? Because food is delicious and knowledge is power.


1- Chocolate:

Want chocolate chip cookie dough? Without cookies or dough? It all starts with the chocolate.Studies have shown even the smell of chocolate can put you in a good mood.



Here come the cashews. Do you know know cashews itself isn’t a nut but a seed? I bet u didn’t but now you know.

sea salt

3- Sea Salts:

Seal Salts? what do they do ? You will be surprised that sea salts enhances flavors and it is the perfect stain remover from the clothes.


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6 reasons that drives you towards overeating

6 reasons that drives you towards overeating:

The urge to eat more than your requirement is the reason that you don’t measure your food and end up with overeating. We usually tend to get bored with similar tastes and attracted towards where we found variety in a food.