Chef Vicky Ratnani – INDIA

An Exclusive Interview of Chef Vicky Ratnani
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  1. What inspires you to be in hot kitchen?
    The Heat,the fire and the desire.


  1. Tell us about the first dish you made?
    When I was 12…a nice cup of chai and Bhurjipao.


  1. How was the experience when you cooked for Queen Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela and Rod Stewart?
    It was elevating. The greatest people are most humble and encouraging.


  1. What actually do you like in your work?
    Creativity- to create something for someone else who will be happy and satisfied is one of the best satisfactions. It also gives a chance to travel, learn , to meet different people. A profession of a chef is such that you will never stop learning or get bored.


  1. What is your favorite cuisine?
    Indian, Japanese.


  1. How do you check the quality of your ingredient?
    Firstly where it is coming from, the supplier, the quality as it arrives to you. The traceability of the ingredient is very important and can tell you almost everything about it.


  • Q.What is the ingredient you are most afraid of?
    Salt…you make or break a dish if the quantity used is not right.


  • Who is the chef you would like to cook with?
    Massimo Bottura


  1. As you are the celebrity chef so there must fan following also, How do you feel when you get the compliment from your fans?
    I take pride and feel blessed by the compliments.


  1. Any advice you want give you want to enter in this field?
    Don’t learn to cook to be a celebrity chef. Learn to cook to be a Chef so that you can win people’s hearts.

Rapid Fire:

Baked or fried?
Soup or salad?
Chicken breast or thigh?
Hot sauce or barbecue sauce?
Hot sauce


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