Cream Cheese Faluda

Cream Cheese Faluda Recipe
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VermIcellies 2 cup 
 Olper Cream Cheese 1 bottle 
Khoya 250 gms 
Kulfi 4 
Green Syrup 4 tbsp 
Red Syrup 4 tbsp 
Jelly 1 packet 
Milk 2 cup 
Tukh Malanga (soaked) 1 tsp 
Cardamom Powder 1 pinch 
Sugar ½ cup 
PineApple 1 cup 
Ice as required



• In a pan, boil milk add sugar, cardamom powder and cook. 
• When boil comes, removes from the stove add cream cheese, khoya and beat well and leave to cool. 
• After this, in glass pour vermicellies, milk mixture, soaked tukh malanga, as required ice and kulfi. 
• Now pour green syrup and red syrup. 
• Garnish with pineapple and serve.

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