CokeFest2020: Pakistan’s first digital music festival draws global crowd of over 2 million


Karachi: Monday, November 23rd2020, marked an end to the hugely successful three-day live digital music festival, Coke Fest (Patari x Tapmad). The three-day event was able to draw in global digital viewership of over two million people from across 40 countries worldwide on Tapmad. India and Saudi Arabia were among the countries with the highest number of viewers tuned into CokeFest2020; other countries with top views included the United States of America, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Singapore and Indonesia.

Hosted by TV and Radio personality Dino Ali with a special digital watch-party featuring Anoushey Ashraf, the global reach just for audio streaming CokeFest2020 on Patari went over 1.6 million views with daily track plays increasing by 124% to 53,134.

Day 1 of the festival featured performances by Karachi based indie-rock band E-Sharp ft. Alicia Diaz where they performed many songs including ChotiKhushiyan, Khuda Ki Basti, Kya Maine Socha, Badshah and Sooli; Nine-year-old rapping sensation KakyThou$and ft. Asif Bali performed AyaThou$and Back and ApnaDaurAayega; and electronic-pop prodigy Abdullah Siddiqui performed his originals Clean, Diamond & Dynamite, Telescope Heart and Party Trick.

On day-2 of CokeFest 2020, Britain’s Got Talent’s superstar Sirine Jahangir performed for her Pakistani fans for the time ever with original songs Breathe and Understand. Next in line was sufi-rock powerhouse Natasha Baig who performed four originals, YaMaula, Hik Hai, Sheesha Ban Ja and Shikwa. This was followed by a power pack performance from Punjabi rapper Xploymer Dar ft. Hashim where the duo performed Power Di Game, New Era, Kaam Bole and Unni Vi. The night ended with a brilliant set from EDM band SomeWhatSuper who managed to light fire to the virtual dance floor with their song ‘Pakistaniyat’.

The final day of the digital music festival brought performances from rising Hip/Hop duo Young Stunners who performed seven of their original songs including Gumaan, Asli Hai, Cali 2 Karachi, Class, Karachi Chal, Quarantine, Jalega. Pop sensation Shamoon Ismail took the stage and his fans’ hearts next when he performed six of his original tracks, Karachi, Taare, Khayaal, Marijuana, Tuntuna and Magic. The night was concluded by a power-packed performance from the versatile rock-star Ali Noor and his eclectic range of original songs including, Pagal, NayeMarna, SaariRaat, TeraySaath. Nasha.

With four stages and a studio cameo from London, Coke Fest (Patari x Tapmad) has taken the form of a new platform that could give undiscovered artists a stage to showcase their talents in front of a global audience. In partnership with Patari and Tapmad, Coca-Cola envisioned a digital festival in times when Covid19 posed a threat to audiences coming together in larger crowds. To give the event a real music festival feel, Coca-Cola engaged director Amaan Ahmed from Uncut Studios for seamless production of the live performances, FoodPanda for live food deliveries and Bykea for live dissemination of artist merchandise.

For those who couldn’t catch the live performances or those who would like to relive the magic, the audio for all three days is available exclusively on and the Patari app which can be downloaded from The video highlights of the festival are also available on or the Tapmad app.

Some of the most exciting announcements were also made during CokeFest2020; one of them being the Coke Studio 2020 artist line-up reveal! This season includes 12 new songs featuring 13 artists, out of which four emerging artists will make their debut on this platform. This includes an assortment of singers ranging from industry veterans like RahatFateh Ali Khan, MeeshaShafi, Fariha Pervez, Umair Jaswal, Ali Noor and SanamMarvi alongside new-comers such as Mehdi Maloof, Aizaz Sohail, Sehar Gul and Wajiha Naqvi as well as experienced artists such as Zara Madani and Ali Parvez Mehdi.

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