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Biography of Chef Delia Smith | UK

Hiya! Today we will discuss about Biography of Chef Delia Smith | UK

Early Life

Delia Smith was born on June 18, 1941, in Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom. She was the eldest of three children born to her parents, Ethel and Bertram Smith. Delia’s love for cooking developed at an early age, as she spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her mother, who was an excellent cook. Delia’s passion for food and cooking continued to grow throughout her childhood, and she soon realized that it was her true calling.

Culinary Education

After finishing her studies at Bexleyheath School, Delia attended the renowned Bexley College, where she studied cookery. She was determined to hone her skills and learn all there was to know about the art of cooking. Delia’s dedication and hard work paid off, as she graduated with distinction and went on to pursue a career in the culinary industry.

Early Career

Delia Smith’s career in the food industry began in 1960 when she was hired as a food writer for the Daily Mirror. She quickly made a name for herself with her practical and straightforward approach to cooking, and her articles were well received by readers. Delia’s success as a food writer led to her hosting her own television show, “Family Fare,” which debuted in 1973. The show was a hit, and it catapulted Delia to stardom, making her a household name across the United Kingdom.

Major Achievements

In 1971, Delia published her first cookbook, “How to cheat at cooking,” which was an instant success. The book was praised for its easy-to-follow recipes and practical advice, and it quickly became a bestseller. Delia’s next book, “Delia Smith’s Cookery Course,” was published in 1978 and was a comprehensive guide to the art of cooking. The book sold millions of copies worldwide and solidified Delia’s reputation as one of the leading authorities on cooking.

Television Career

Delia Smith’s success as a food writer eventually led to her hosting her own television show, “Family Fare,” which debuted in 1973. The show was a hit, and it catapulted Delia to stardom, making her a household name across the United Kingdom. Delia went on to host several more successful cooking shows, including “Delia Smith’s Winter Collection,” “Delia’s How to Cook,” and “Delia Smith’s Christmas,” all of which further solidified her status as a culinary icon.


Throughout her career, Delia has been actively involved in charitable work and has used her platform to raise awareness for important causes. In 2003, she established the Delia Smith Foundation, which supports various food-related charities and initiatives. Delia is also an advocate for sustainable and ethical food practices and has been a vocal supporter of reducing food waste and promoting environmentally friendly farming methods.


Delia Smith’s influence on the culinary world cannot be overstated. Her cookbooks and television shows have inspired countless people to develop a love for cooking and have helped demystify the art of preparing delicious meals. Delia’s straightforward and no-nonsense approach to cooking has resonated with people of all ages and skill levels, and her impact on the food industry is undeniable.

Personal Life

Delia Smith has been married to her husband, Michael Wynn-Jones, since 1971. The couple has no children but has been devoted to each other and have maintained a strong and loving relationship. Despite her busy schedule and demanding career, Delia has always valued her family and finds joy in spending time with her loved ones.

Awards and Accolades

Delia Smith’s contributions to the culinary industry have been recognized through numerous awards and accolades. In 1995, she was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for her services to the food industry. Delia has also received honorary degrees from several esteemed universities and has been inducted into the British Food and Drink Hall of Fame.


Delia Smith’s impact on the culinary world is immeasurable. Her passion for cooking, coupled with her dedication to sharing her knowledge and expertise, has made her a beloved figure in the United Kingdom and beyond. Whether through her cookbooks, television shows, or philanthropic work, Delia has made a lasting impression on the food industry and has inspired countless individuals to explore the joys of cooking. Her legacy as a pioneering chef and influential food writer will continue to inspire generations to come.

Biography of Chef Delia Smith | UK

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