Best Places To Have Bunkabab

bun kabab
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Bun kababs are one of Karachi’s major roadside attractions. They are the quickest, the cheapest and the tastiest snack one can enjoy in the fast-paced city. You find many bun kabab vendors all across Karachi. Just laying eyes on a Bun Kebab aka ‘Anday wala Burger’ influences one’s mouth to water and stomach snarl!

Super Bunkabab Pakistan Chowk

It is also called “Do it Yourselves”. You will be given bun, fried kababs, fried eggs and chutney and you assemble it by yourself and make a bun kabab yourself. However, this little effort is nothing compared to the mouth-watering and delicious taste these soft and scrumptious bun kebabs have.

Tipu -Boat Basin

Tipu kabab are the best bun kabab located at boat basin Karachi. You can order any kind of bun kabab you want to eat. The bun kababs  are as good as they were years ago and if you want to enjoy the full blown street food experience, there is no better place than Tipu on the Boat Basin strip.

Hanif Bunkabab:

Hanif Bun Kabab. Located at Pakistan Chowk, their daal (pulse), aloo (potato) and chicken burgers are well known. Their bun kababs have a unique spicy taste. It’s a must-try for anyone visiting Karachi.


Mirchilli branches are throughout Karachi and they serve their bunkabab with the loaded chaat as it is their speciality and they are so yummy!


If you’re at Boat Basin and want a change from Tipu’s delights, try Flamingo. Like its paratha rolls, the bun kababs are excellent. The bun kababs  are made fresh and you don’t need to worry about hygiene. It’s economical and tasty so it’s easy on your wallet and tummy.


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