Beef Kofta curry

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Curry I made with andaza . It’s a very common recipe I am sure everybody knows it. 

Kofta Curry

1/2 kg beef mince 

1 medium size onion

1-1/2 tsp besan roasted 

Garam masala, salt, green chillies as per taste. 

Kaju & Almonds 7-8 each finely ground

2-3tbsp of brown onions.

Little ginger & garlic 

Italia Olive Oil itbs 

Process them in the chopper till everything

 is mixed properly. There should be 

no pieces of chilliesOnions or coriander. 

Then make balls. 

Approximately 15 pieces. 


For curry


Brown onions and blend them with tomatoes.

Add Italia olive  oil in pan add garlic ginger paste. 

Sauté add onion tomato mixture along 

with all spices (salt, red chilli powder, dhania

Powder, haldi) and some beaten yogurt. Cook 

Till it leaves the oil. Add some water and start 

Putting Kofta in it. Don’t use spoon. 

And do not put the lid. Once it seems they are cooked Add more water that balls are nicely covered 

Cover with a lid and let it cook for sometime till you get the right consistency and it leaves oil. 😊


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