7 Bizarre foods to eat in Pakistan

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If you are a local or tourist and planning to eat what you never think of then go for bizarre foods to eat in Pakistan… Either you will love or you will pit it.. We dare you to try it..

So, Here we go with 10 different bizarre foods to eat in Pakistan,

  • Panjo ka soup (Feet of chicken):

No stranger to paye, we Pakistanis also have a dish called Panjo ka soup. Those claws are nothing short of a nightmare, but it is good for your health.


  • Katakat:

Kidneys, brain, tongue; you name the organ and katakat has it! Other than the sound the cook makes with his spatulas, nothing about Khatakhat is pretty. But if it match your taste buds you will crave for it!




  • Mundi Salan (Head):

No, it is not the brain. It is actually the head of the animal ( goat). You will have entire head served with curry! Now it’s your choice to have it or not.


  • Zabaan (Tongue):

Our tongue is long enough for talking but this is not in the case of animals. Their texture is velvety and you can have it in curry! It is most daring to eat.

  • Kaaporay:

The star dish of Pakistanis. It is the goat testicles. You called is as a waste is actually Pakistani’s favorite dish!

  • Maghaz (Brain):

 You have truly eaten it. Creaminess of brain mixed with spices make it mouthwatering..!! But I am not sure it makes intelligent or not!!

  • Kaleeji (Liver):

Here are plenty of people out there who cannot stand the thought of chomping down liver. Yes, it is said to be very good for health but the texture of liver and the smell too keeps me miles away.


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